We closed up shop in May of 2016. It was time to move on to new adventures and 16 months later we have taken the plunge into the lifestyle we were dreaming of…fulltime travel.

So why is the shop back open? Simple. We don’t like disappointing and we were hearing over and over how many of you had just discovered our patterns only to find that they weren’t available to buy. So, here we are. Open again. It’s kind of a quiet opening. We aren’t making a big fuss. We just wanted to give everyone the opportunity to grab a pattern or two if they so choose. We put a lot of love into them over the years and figured it was a shame for them to not be used if there is still a demand.

Will we be making new patterns? It’s unlikely that we will…at least any time soon. It’s a bit difficult to do while exploring the U.S.A. with a gaggle o’ kiddos in tow but it’s not ENTIRELY out of the question. We’ll just leave it at that for now.

So much love to you all for hanging in there with us! If you’re curious about our new journey please come on over to our blog at bigsmalllife.com. We’re only 3 weeks into our year long tour of this amazing country of ours so you’ll have front row seats to the adventure!

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