You made it to day 5!! I hope you are loving how your dress is turning out. It’s Elizabeth here with you today to help you get your dress finished up and ready for your little princess.

You should have two skirt pieces cut so let’s get to working on them.  Take your two skirt pieces and sew them together at the side seams. Finish your seams with a serger or zig zag stitch on your sewing machine. I always prefer to hem my skirt before I attach, but that it totally a preference. To hem my skirt, I serged the bottom edge and then ironed the serged edge up.


It takes a minute to iron that edge up but it makes for quick sewing when you take it to the machine and turn it up once again. I love the crisp, even edge.


Now we are ready to attach the skirt to the bodice.  When I gather a skirt that is 2x SW I always gather in two sections- front and back. My gathering stitches have been known to break if I try to do that all in one section, so splitting it in half has helped prevent that. As you can see in my photo, I ran two gathering stitches for my skirt.  This is optional. One will work, but two is even better. 🙂 My mom and grandma taught me to gather this way when I was little. Some times the old tricks are the best ones! I will confess that I don’t always do a double gathering stitch but if you ever have trouble getting your gathers even, this will save you. The double row makes beautiful, even gathers.


Find the side seams of your skirt and pin them RST to the side seams of your bodice.


Tie off one end of your gathering threads and pull from the other end to fit your skirt to the bodice. Adjust gathers and pin in place.


Stitch skirt to bodice.  Take your dress to the ironing board and steam that seam to perfection.  You are DONE!!!


Beth and I hope you have enjoyed this sew-along and maybe even learned a few things.  We can’t wait to see all your photos!



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