Frequently Asked Questions

One of the best ways to get answers about LilyGiggle patterns is to join the LilyGiggle PDF Sewing Patterns Facebook group. It’s quick and easy – and you’ll have access to a large (and growing) community of users that just love to answer questions, offer opinions and having a great time in general. Beth will be there – and all the folks know, use and love LilyGiggle patterns. It’s community at it’s finest. Click here to join – one of our admins will approve you quickly, and you’ll have full access to all the resources & ideas. Plus – you can show off your creations and have a lot of fun. See you there!

A PDF sewing pattern is a sewing pattern that you receive electronically, right to your computer. PDF is the file format and you will need Adobe Acrobat to open it. If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat installed on your personal computer you can download it free here.

You will receive an email with a link to download your pattern directly from our site. If you created an account at checkout, you’ll be able to log in later and download at any time. Creating an account is a good idea, as it allows you to keep track of everything and never worry about losing an email. Now, if you DON’T get an email with a link, first check your spam trap. If you’re a Yahoo, Live, AOL or Hotmail user, they have VERY aggressive filters and you likely have a bunch of stuff in there that you’re missing. If you STILL don’t get an email, please feel free to contact us, and we’ll make sure you get what you came for.

No! All you need to print out LilyGiggle patterns is a standard home printer. The PDF file contains a very detailed full color picture tutorial (instructions demonstrated by photography) as well as all pattern pieces. The pattern pieces, themselves, are divided up in sections that will fit onto a regular 8 1/2″ x 11 piece of paper. After printing, they are just taped or glued together to form the full patterns…easy peasy!

Absolutely not, no scaling is necessary. The patterns are full size. We also include a detailed diagram on how to put them all together to make it as simple as possible.

No, we do not currently mail out printed patterns. We can suggest local printers (Office Depot, OfficeMax, etc.)

Well, yes and no. LilyGiggle patterns are drafted by hand using traditional patternmaking techniques. They are then scanned and cleaned up and colorized on the computer to produce a professional looking end product.

LilyGiggle pattern instructions are directed towards beginner seamstresses. However, basic sewing skills are necessary. You need to know how to operate your sewing machine and we recommend starting with a beginner pattern such as The Lorelei Dress. Beginner patterns will be clearly marked in the item descriptions. The patterns are designed for varying degrees of experience but we strive to make them as simple to understand as possible. Each step is clearly described and assumptions of knowledge are not made. Although, we do our best to explain everything as clearly as possible we realize that what makes sense to us may still not make sense to you so we also offer full technical support in our Facebook group.

No! We understand that many sewing enthusiasts have yet to take the plunge into more specialized equipment. All instructions are given for non-serger and serger users alike.

At this time, LilyGiggle is selling sewing patterns only. On occasion, samples may be sold or a limited product release but we do not take custom orders. There is a large and growing number of designers using LilyGiggle patterns as the base of their designs. You can find many of them by joining us on Facebook where they often post photos of their latest creations.

Yes, you can. We love to see others grow their handmade boutique businesses by utilizing LilyGiggle patterns. However, they are only licensed for small, one or two person handmade businesses, mass-produced large quantity use is forbidden. If in doubt of which category you fit into, you can contact us for more detailed descriptions of our copyright and licensing.

Because of our Instant Download system, we cannot take checks or money orders. We take payment through Paypal. You can use any major credit card through Paypal.

Generally, no. Since our product is downloadable, it can’t be “returned.” If there is an error or other issue, we will issue refunds. We will also offer refunds in special cases. We’re good people, we offer a good product, and we want everyone to be happy. We’ll listen.