Yes, We're Closing

Guess what? I suck at multi-tasking. There. I said it out loud. Too many pots on the fire and I run and hide. Even those who know me in “real life” may be surprised to know this revelation about me, only those closest to me know it.  After all, my life is very full of activity revolving around the large family that I am blessed with. I mean, who in the world has 5 kids and can’t effectively multi-task? Well…me.

This has been a growing struggle for a long time. My super squishy oh-so-squeezy and much loved baby #5 has backed me into a self-evaluating corner, though. Since his birth in early August I have been forced to switch gears from so much of my focus on LilyGiggle back to my focus being on my family. Another confession? My kids are SO much happier and so am I. I had not realized how much more of me they truly needed until I was giving them that much more. As I have watched this energy in our home go from more chaos to more peace there has been a nagging little thought that has continually crept up in the back of my mind. At first, I completely squashed this thought, pushing it aside and making excuses for it. It was a silly idea, completely impossible, totally unreasonable and downright out of the question. Darn if that tiny thought didn’t just grow bigger and bolder and more convincing, though.

owenWhat was that thought that drove me crazy and made me lose more sleep than my newborn did? The thought that it was time to choose. It was time to own up to my strengths and weaknesses. It was time to be brave and listen to that still, small voice. It was time to stop making excuses and start doing what I know is right for MY family (not anyone else’s). I do believe there are women out there that are fully able to run the show I’ve been running. I’m just not cut from the same cloth. I have lots of strengths. This isn’t a pity party, by any means. There comes a time, though, when we all have to face ourselves and make sure that we are being honest with ourselves. For me, this is that time and, for me, my truth is that I am doing more than I can handle effectively and it’s time to pull in the reigns.

So, what is that choice I have had to make? For me, it was choosing between being the pattern designer I want to be and being the mom I want to be. It was just that cut and dry. For others it is not and I totally respect that. I never want to come across that you can’t run a a business and be a great mom because I don’t believe that. We are all different. For me, it was obvious that I couldn’t do both right now. It doesn’t mean I believe that I never can. In order to do both the best that I can I need to spend some time re-evaluating, re-structuring and working on my weaknesses until they are strong enough to do this thing right.

Finally, a decision has been made. A line drawn in the sand. Peace in my spirit. I’m taking a break from LilyGiggle.

What does that mean exactly? Well, for you all that have helped me make this business so successful it means a big sale. A very, very big sale. I’m really excited to offer it to you because I think it’s going to make you giddy. 🙂 I’m clearing out the old and shutting down…hopefully, temporarily…but nonetheless totally closing up shop for a few months. I plan to spend this time making sure I’m not missing any of this one precious baby year that little man is blessing us with, reconnecting with my 3 year old who is not having the easiest time transitioning into big sisterhood, making sure that I’m equipping my 8 year old and 11 year old with all they need to move from little kids to tweens and to just breathe. Secondly, I plan to work on a realistic plan for my business, finish up the oodles of patterns that are already in some state of completeness and set myself up to re-launch when my life is ready to take it on again.

LilyGiggle will be closing on November 30. Our patterns will no longer be available for purchase after that until we re-launch sometime next year.You will still be able to log into our website to download the patterns you have purchased via our website previously. After November 30, you will no longer be able to purchase LilyGiggle patterns anywhere. Many of the patterns will be completely discontinued forever. When I do come back I want to put out something fresh. A spare few patterns may resurface along with the new LilyGiggle but they won’t be the same. New refreshed designer…new refreshed work…that’s the plan.

Thank you TONS for all the support you have given me and my family these past few years. Thank you, in advance, for your support as we take this leap of faith into our new phase of life. It’s scary but I believe that doing the right thing usually is.

Now for the sale details.

Beginning tomorrow morning, November 11 until November 30 all of our single patterns will be marked down 30% on our website and whole master collections will be $30!!! Yes, you read that right. You can download all 30 LilyGiggle patterns for $30…a dollar a pattern. Buying them right here on our site will mean that you will continue to have access to them even while we are on hiatus. You can simply sign in to your account and download them whenever you need them. They’ll be nice and safe in one place. I told you it would make you giddy…a crazy sale! You all have been awesome and we want to make it easy for you to have all those patterns you may have wanted but never got around to purchasing. We also want you all to have access to them while we are gone. Hope you feel the love…we appreciate you all so much.