Sooooooooooo happy to finally be able to share the Zinnia Dress pattern with you all! There were days I didn’t think I would ever have it ready to get out there but it’s done and I couldn’t be happier with it. I also could not be happier with the sweet photos by 4 Eleven Photography.

We’ve all been ooohing and ahhhing over her precious little model and I’ve been getting request after request for a pattern for the fun leggings she is wearing. I’m pleased to let you know that you just might already have the pattern in your collection of PDFs. The leggings were made from the Petunia Petal Pants pattern with just a very simple little tweak and I’m going to show you how to do it.

Ya ready? Here we go…

  1. Using the Petunia Petal Pants pattern, cut out the FRONT and BACK pants but don’t cut out the ruffles. If you are using a stripe you need to be extra careful that you line up the stripes when you cut them out. This is the edge of my folded fabric showing how I lined it up. I have lots of practice in this. If you aren’t confident that you can line them up, don’t cut on the fold. Lay the fabric out flat and line the bottom of the pants pattern piece up with one of the stripes. Cut out. Flip the pattern piece over and place it on the fabric right next to where you just cut, lining the bottom up with the same stripe and cut it out again.

2. Measure the bottom of the pant leg.


3. Grab the fabric you want to make the banded bottom from and fold it over so that you can cut 2 pieces at once. Cut a rectangle with the measurement of your pant leg as the width of the rectangle and a length of 6 ½”.

My measurement was 7 3/4″ so I cut a rectangle that was 7 3/4″ along the width x 6 1/2″ long. (Which almost makes a square!)

Be sure the grainline is running parallel to the selvedge edge of the fabric.


4. Set the 2 rectangle pieces aside for now.


5. Follow the instructions for the Petunia Petal Pants until you reach the point where you would normally attach the petal ruffles.


6. Grab those rectangles again and fold them in half (right sides together) bringing the short sides of the rectangle together. Pin and sew. Press seam. You have somewhat of a tube now.

7. Turn the tube right side out and fold it in half bringing the open ends together. Now you have a band.
8. Hold the band with the folded edge at the top and put the bottom of the pant leg down into the band until the unfinished edge of the pants meet up with the unfinished edges of the band.
9. Match up the seam of the band with the inseam of the pants and pin. Continue pinning the band to the pants all the way around and sew along this pinned edge.
10. Press your seam and admire the pretty banded bottom leggings you just created…and in no time at all. Easy peasy lickety split!
Adding a couple of buttons creates the perfect finishing touch.


Hope you enjoy whipping up some leggings this fall. I know I will be!