sewing patterns from lilygiggleHey, folks – James here. Today, I’m putting on my shameless self-promotion hat. I’m just all businessy like that.

To the point: BRAND NEW launched today! Very new look – a serious collaboration between Beth and me. Mostly Beth saying – this goes there and me saying “Yes, ma’am.” We’re excited to have a much more integrated shopping cart, instant downloads on EVERYTHING, including our fabulous and money-saving bundles. Ever want to get LilyGiggle patterns for 5 bucks each? Well NOW YOU CAN – with instant downloads. SWEET! We’ve got a lot more in store for and LilyGiggle in general. We’ve got a couple of minor issues to iron out (the royal we…) but it’s up and humming and looking almost as good as my wife’s designs.

Free Blogs for CraftersSecondly – you can get a blog just like – FREE. Yes, that’s my favorite price, too. I’m launching a little side business – What you get is a great blog setup using the same software (WordPress) and an insanely awesome, feature-packed and easy-to-use theme of your choice – PLUS it has Ecommerce built right in. Sweet, right? The graphics, of course, are up to you* – but you’ll have a great looking site right out of the gates – and you can easily customize it and change it up to look just the way you want. It’s free, it has built-in tutorial videos and a lot of other great features – plus (I may have mentioned this) it’s FREE. All you have to do is sign up for a hosting account (you’ll need hosting anyway,) and you’re good-to-go, with accounts starting at $3.96 per month. I’ll install and set up everything, hand you the keys and away you go. You own your domain name, you have your own server, and you have your own awesome website. I’ll also be putting up some great how-to videos with marketing tips, website tweaks and some great business ideas and resources. You’ll have access to all that – for FREE! FREE! FREEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

These sites aren’t limited to crafts and mamas – they can be used for anything. Businesses, personal blogs, photography galleries – anything.

So – check out both sites. Let us know what you think. Buy some patterns, get your own site – and Sew Some Happy!

[typography font=”Cantarell” size=”12″ size_format=”px”]*I can design stuff for you, but I would have to actually charge for that service. Beth pays me in coffee. Plus she’s pretty cute.[/typography]