I’m James – the business/graphics end of LilyGiggle, and I’m a bit of a nerd. I love art, but I also really dig science and math and all that left-brained stuff. Of course, I’m ruled by my right brain, so anything left-brained that’s couched in right-brained creativity really floats my geeky boat. Such is the case with these beautiful, hand-made quilts.

This dude, Jimmy McBride makes these incredible quilts of stellar objects – with the “Pillars of Creation” pictured – and I am IN LOVE.

inspiration monday - stellar quilts

At 12 large a pop, I probably won’t be sleeping under one of these bad boys – but I can certainly dream about it while I’m snuggled under the beautiful (if somewhat tattered) quilt my Aunt Elaine sent us many moons ago. It’s cosmic in it’s own way…

Check this dude out on Etsy – and check out his blog. It’s got lots of photos of his process, recipes for pickled eggs and tons of sufficiently geeky stuff. Sweet Monday! Have a great week!