Ever since the Rings of Ruffles skirt was released I have had the question asked over and over…”Do you make them for grown ups?” and over and over I have answered that with a decisive “no”. My biggest reason, other than I am just more into making children’s clothing at the moment, was that as the skirt got bigger it would get too heavy with all those ruffles and would be difficult to wear. As the inquiries grew and grew, though, I began to wonder if I was missing something. I just couldn’t see it as a woman’s skirt. I was afraid that the bulk would just not be flattering on a curvy body and that it was just too…well…childish. You may find it interesting with all the ruffle goodness of LilyGiggle that I, myself, am not a big “ruffle person” in my own wardrobe and so it was difficult for me to visualize such a thing. Today, it hit me, though. I began to see a way to make a ruffle skirt with some design changes and a touch of sophistication that would be something, even I, Mrs. Clean Lines, might wear out on the town. I also figured out a way to take away the weight and when it all came together in my noggin and I had my “Eureka!” moment I could not WAIT to get behind my sewing machine and knock it out! SuperDaddy took the littles to the Y for open swim and I had a few hours alone to make it happen…yesssss!Please excuse my wrinkly top. I was super eager to get some shots. Anyway…so what do you think??? I LOVE it! It is not heavy at all and is so stinkin’ comfy that I now know why my Loolie likes to wear hers so much. Should I make a tutorial and grade the pattern? I’m thinking XS to XL which would make it fit girls size 12-16 with a minor length adjustment and fit women sizes 0-18.

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So excited to offer another opportunity for you to win a Rings of Ruffles skirt from Dancing Freckle! Tracey sure knows how to rock the ruffles and she is SO generously donating a custom skirt to one super lucky winner…wow! This busy lady doesn’t usually take on custom orders so this is really a special treat! Be sure and check out her shop. She also sells Rings of Ruffles pants and I just love how she mixes up prints and solids…knock out cute!

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Ok…so I am NEW to this and I’m going to try to pretend that I know a little something about what I’m doing here so please bear with me. I can’t WAIT to give away some fabulous prizes to some lucky winners!
So here is the deal. I have listed below the first sponsors of the 1150 Facebook Fan LilyGiggle Giveaway…yes, I did say 1150…doesn’t just have to be at nice round numbers like 1000 or even 1200, right? Well, I don’t think so any more than I think that we can only sew in straight lines. 🙂

Each sponsor is in a separate post so that you can choose which ones to enter or go ahead and enter them all…I sure would if I could! I will be adding more as we go along so keep checking back! When I hit 1150 fans I am going to start drawing names…oooooh….gonna be so fun! Guess what? The winner of each prize also gets to pick out a FREE pattern from my own shop as a special bonus…any pattern they want.

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lilygiggle sewing patterns

lilygiggle sewing patterns

lilygiggle sewing patterns

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