LilyGiggle Pattern Bundles

lilygiggle pattern bundles savingsNo need for special discount codes, remembering to mention which patterns you would like or waiting for an email. The more you buy the more you save and all in an instant! The price automatically reduces in your shopping cart as you add more patterns.

Buy 3 patterns and get all 3 of them for $19.95.

Buy 4 and you get them all for $25.

Buy 5 and get them for $30.

By the time you have 9 patterns in your cart you are getting them for $5.00 a piece!

This includes $7.95 patterns AND $9.95 patterns and they are all ready for instant download. Now it doesn’t get any easier than that!


LilyGiggle is officially closed (for now...) Please direct all inquiries to for questions concerning your orders, downloads and that sort of thing. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the support through the years. We look forward to coming back with a stronger and better LilyGiggle. Stay tuned - and, again, thanks!